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Your PROSCA challenge

Your case challenge: apply data from the LOCATE trial

Gustave spends his days with making wine on the Left Bank of Bordeaux. No matter how hard he washes his feet, the smell of mold and grape never goes away. Two years ago, at age 65, Gustave underwent radical prostatectomy for pT3b pN0 cM0 PCa, grade ISUP 5. Gustave’s wife calls you and tells you that he visited his physician for follow-up assessments:

  • PSA: 3.8 ng/ml
  • PSA-DT: 8.8 months
  • Bone scan and CT scan negative

The intended treatment for Gustave was salvage EBRT to the prostate bed + ADT. However, the physician decided to perform fluciclovine PET/CT, which showed positivity in the left common iliac node (5 mm). The treatment plan was revised to include an RT boost to the positive node.

Would you have performed a PET/CT scan before deciding on the treatment plan in this patient with biochemical recurrence after RP?