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BLADDR2019 - case 4

Your case challenge related to data presented at ASCO

Fabienne is a 63-year-old gardener at the Palace of Versailles. As a firm believer in biological pesticides, she tries to remove all boxwood pillars manually. Certainly in the summer, she's experiencing nervous breakdowns at the sight of brown boxwood bushes.

She was diagnosed 8 months ago with UCa metastatic to the lungs and was treated with gemcitabine + cisplatin.

First scans showed a reduced metastatic burden, however, 3 months ago, the CT scan revealed progressive disease according to RECISTv1.1 with new and enlarging lung lesions. The patient started an immune checkpoint inhibitor and presents again today.

Assessment summary:

  • ECOG PS 1
  • CT scan showed further tumour progression

What would be your next step in Fabienne’s case