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BLADDR2019 - case 3

Your case challenge on the optimal bladder preservation therapy

Jean-Marc, aged 56, is unemployed and still lives with his mother. He has a wide collection of fluorescent jackets and spends his time making cardboard signs for any strike that takes place in or around Paris.

He is recently diagnosed with muscle invasive bladder cancer:

  • Sonography: bladder mass, no hydronephrosis
  • Cystoscopy: right lateral wall bladder mass
  • Serum creatinine: 1.4 mg/dl; eGFR: 45 ml/min
  • TURBT: visually complete
    • High-grade UCa with involvement of the muscularis propria, minimum pT2
  • No comorbidities: liver, pulmonary and cardiovascular function normal
  • Imaging suggests cN0M0 disease

Jean-Marc prefers bladder sparing therapy.


Which option would you recommend for this patient?